10 resons why you should pick me as your Dj


#1 I have been dj for over 4 years. 

​#2 I have 14 year in the music and entertainment industry. 

#3 Fully insured for your protection many aren't and your venue might require it.


#4  Experience in all types of events and aspect of production.

​#5 Legal music mean you don't have to worry about music royalties.

#6 Backup sound and lighting at you event in case of any problems. 

#7 Lighting and sound tech at ALL event to ensure your event goes perfect.

#8 100% customer satisfaction is are goal and I strive to ensure it happens ever time.

#9 If you need other items for your event we can handle it. 

​#10  I do this because I want to and I enjoy it not cause I have to. That means when I'm at your event I want to be there and that make a huge  difference I making a event fun and enjoyable.